The Holy Book Project was created in the Spring of 2003. Rising from an interest in world religions, I created this "game" for a theme camp booth at the 2003 Burning Man Festival.


Participants pick and choose Beliefs, Rituals and Requirements from over 30 world religions or faith groups and create their own Holy Book. This book can be a statement of who you are and what you believe, or a silly diversion from your current reality.


All attempts have been made to represent each religion fairly and accurately. I've placed limits on the number of entries for each religion (25) and the number of religions represented (30) to speed up the game.


This site does not promote or endorse, advertise, or post links to any religion used in this site. For more information about a particular religion check the internet or a public library


This site does not track, or keep count of hits for each religion.

This is not a popularity contest.


Taking the beliefs of a religion and reducing them to short sentences is difficult, and sometimes impossible. When ever possible I have used the exact wording and phrasing of each religions texts to be accurate.

In some cases the beliefs might be inaccurate.

Rumors, myths and exaggerations often cloud our knowledge of these faiths.

If you find a belief to be in error, or have additions to improve the game.

Email me the beliefs with source information

and I'll review them, and possibly add them to the game.



Special thanks to

Programming : (Adhost)Courtney, Rex (Thomas Consulting) John

Creative Design Claudia, Sean

Research Sean